marvin blake (m.ost)

Marvin is a registered Osteopath and Soft Tissue Therapist who qualified with a Master of Osteopathy (M.Ost) degree from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy in London. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, the athletics enthusiast moved to London in 2012 to embark on tertiary education... a new life chapter. 

Marvin's passion for sport is what led him to a career within the health, wellbeing and fitness industry. An avid sportsman himself, he competed annually at the popular National Boys & Girls Athletics Championships in Jamaica, throughout secondary education.

He is an advocate for preventative therapies and approaches, as he was raised with the saying,...

Prevention is better than cure.

Be proactive about your health as it is easier than trying to fix things when they become dysfunctional.

Marvin has worked with a wide range of clients; from cyclists, marathon runners, professional rugby players, personal trainers, bodybuilders, office-based and non office-based professionals. As a result, he is capable of employing tailored manual therapy techniques to treat aches and pains, wherever on the spectrum you lie.

His clinical expertise and patient-centred approach to treatment is partly a result of his years of work within Accident & Emergency as a nursing assistant, but also due to his hunger of wanting to continue to learn, develop and improve himself, as well as the well being of the clients he works with.