Your Consultation


What to expect?

An Initial Osteopathic Consultation will involve taking a detailed medical and lifestyle case history, which involves questions relating to general medical health, physical/recreational activities, as well as overall lifestyle patterns (you might actually think why am I being asked this?!). All questions asked are in order for your Osteopath to get a full idea of who you are as an individual and to fully understand your pain/symptoms, as well as to highlight potential factors that may be heavily influencing or maintaining your pain/symptoms. 


Should it be deemed necessary, with your consent, your consultation may involve non-invasive medical tests such as your blood pressure/pulse rate or reflexes, as well as specialist orthopaedic testing in order to provide information for your potential treatment and management plan. Your management plan will be discussed with you at your first treatment to ensure both patient and practitioner are ‘on the same page’ with regards to progression and recovery. 


**Please bring along any medical notes/letters, scan (MRI/CT/X-ray etc) reports, as well as any medication to your appointment** 


What to Wear ?

Patients may be required to expose the part of their body which they are experiencing pain/symptoms, as well as relating areas, in order for their Osteopath to see, physically assess and treat. Therefore, patients are kindly asked to wear appropriate and comfortable underwear or bring shorts to change in at their appointment. Towels are also used in practice to cover patients should you leave appropriate garment.